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Using Your Clay Cutters

Cutter Care:

  • Please be gentle with your cutters and handle with care
  • Cutters are durable but do not twist or bend the cutters
  • Store carefully to protect the blades
  • Store your cutters away from direct sunlight and strong sources of heat (not oven or dishwasher safe!) 
  • Wash with warm soapy water. Wipe with a gentle microfibre cloth between uses to avoid color transfer
  • Dip in water of dust with cornflower around blades before using to avoid clay sticking.
  • Our cutters and clay tools are not suitable for children due to small parts

Getting the best results from your cutters

  • Always make sure your polymer clay is thoroughly conditioned before trying to cut it. 
  • If your clay is over conditioned or too sticky, pop it into the fridge for 10 minutes to slightly harden it up, this will make it easier to cut and will help stop the clay from sticking.
  • Use a clean shiny tile or glass cutting board, and make sure your clay is burnished onto the tile. The clay should stick to the tile and not the cutter.
  • Dip your cutter into water or powder (cornflower, talc, translucent face powder) dusting off the excess with a soft brush before your cut. This will act as a release agent. You can also use clingfilm if you want your piece to have a slightly rounded edge.