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Care Instructions

Cutter Care:

  • Please be gentle with your cutters and handle with care
  • Cutters are durable but do not twist or bend the cutters
  • Store carefully to protect the blades
  • Store your cutters away from direct sunlight and strong sources of heat (not oven or dishwasher safe!) 
  • Wash with warm soapy water. Wipe with a gentle microfibre cloth between uses to avoid color transfer
  • Dip in water of dust with cornflower around blades before using to avoid clay sticking.
  • Our cutters and clay tools are not suitable for children due to small parts

Handmade Jewellery Care:

  • Polymer Clay is durable but breakages can still occur. Please avoid bending or dropping and handle with care
  • Always minimise exposure to excessive heat, water and perfumes
  • Metal components components may dull overtime, a gentle buff with a cotton cloth can restore their shine
  • Clay and resin pieces can be wiped with a damp cloth and then lightly buffed with a microfibre cloth to return luster
  • Store your pieces away from other items as Clay/resin is sensitive to scratches and dents